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Comfortable warmth with natural stone heating

The infrared marble heater heats like the sun and provides for a comfortable living climate.

  • Creates a sense of security: heats like the sun
  • Imparts style: elegant, unobtrusive and classy
  • Maintains cleanliness: fresh breathing air and freedom from dust

Are you looking for a heating system that saves energy, provides you with pleasant warmth and fits elegantly into your living room – allergy friendly and free from side effects? Then our offer will be of interest to you. The electrical marble heater with infrared technology offers you a clean solution and is at the same time an elegant eye-catcher.

You save both energy and investment costs compared to oil heating or gas boilers – and with a totally healthy and pleasant room climate at that. Because this natural stone heater heats with infrared technology – energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and clean.

Infrared heating – the heating system of the future

Combine economical and health-related requirements in an ecological and trend-setting heating system with our marble heaters.

  • Economical and trend-setting
  • Ecological and resource-conserving
  • Healthy for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • Prevents mould growth

For new buildings or the renovation of heating systems in old buildings: Natural stone infrared heaters are not only of interest to building owners and architects. The heating concept, consisting of marble and electric infrared technology, heats almost maintenance-free and saves not only installation costs but is also low in consumption.

Many consumers do not know that an electric infrared heater has low heating and investment costs when installing new heating systems or renovating existing heating systems: verifiable 50% energy saving compared to night storage heaters. 25% saving on electricity costs is usually achieved.