Product overview infrared heater of type All-rounder BASIC


Infrared heater Allrounder Basic - the modern entry-level model

The infrared heater of type All-rounder is our stylish entry-type without frame. "Made in Germany" quality and confident in the material these infrared heating primarily by their low price.

TOP efficiency class
Low electricity costs, extremely quick warm-up time, high radiation efficiency
  Optimum temperature distribution
Better heating behaviour thanks to optimum surface utilisation and heat distribution
Fast warm-up time
Efficient heating quickly achieves a comfortable temperature
  Simple installation
Clean and space-saving, simple to install, universally usable

Technical features


  • Highly efficient heat transmission, hence very low electricity costs

  • Maintenance-free

  • Individual control of rooms

  • Simple installation

Product data

   Type A670 Basic A500 Basic A340 Basic A270 Basic A225 Basic
   Related Power (watt) 670 500 340 270 225
   Rated current (A) 2.91 2.17 1.47 1.17 0.97
   Tolerance +/-8% +/-8% +/-8% +/-8% +/-8%
   EAN Code 4260404860440 4260404860433 4260404860426 4260404860419 4260404860402


   Use matrix*          
   Poor insulation
5-8m2 3-6m2 2-4m2 2-4m2 2-3m2
   Moderate insulation 7-11m2 4-8m2 3-6m2 2-5m2 2-4m2
   Good insulation 10-14m2 6-10m2 4-7m2 3-6m2 3-5m2


   Dimensions and
1146 mm 896 mm 621 mm 1146 mm 896 mm
   Width 596 mm 596 mm 621 mm 296 mm 296 mm
   Depth (incl. wall bracket) 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
   Weight 13 kg 10 kg 8 kg 8 kg 6.5 kg
   Connecting cable        


   Alu white


   Operating conditions
   Surface temperature appr. 75°C to 85°C
   Mains voltage / Hz 230 Volt / 50 Hz


   Guarantees and certificates
   Product guarantee 5 years
   Certificates Eurofins GS; CE; EN 60335-1:2012; EN 60335-2:2009; A11:2012; EMV
   Protection class I; IP20


   Surface emission values 0,86 ελ
   Warm-up time 4-6 minutes



Installers are requested to please address their price inquiry to

*The given heated room sizes are recommendations. Depending on the insulation and ceiling height of the living room may be deviations.