That pays for itself. Compare for yourself.

The fluctuations in energy prices in recent years, in particular the price increases due to the scarcity of resources, make a figure-based example calculation of the economy of different heating systems difficult. What could still be proven yesterday will already be outdated today. Apart from that, individual parameters such as the size of the rooms, insulation of the building and the heating system equipment bring along further measured values.

The differences clearly show it

However, the diagrams clearly show the different dimensions in exemplary fashion. All in all, the following picture emerges: If one totals up energy costs, investment costs and additional costs (there aren’t any with infrared heaters), the infrared heater leaves its ‘competitors’ miles behind. Compare for yourself and by all means take into consideration your own opinion and that of your neighbours or acquaintances. If one focuses the comparison only on the installation costs or purposefully on the operating costs, then the differences are already noticeable here.

This much is certain: you will save in any case! Your infrared heater advisor will determine how much.