Healthy and even: The infrared heat rays

Conventional convection heaters (oil and gas heating, heat pump, underfl oor heating, night storage) generate warm air, which usually rises uselessly upward. The resulting temperature differences whirl up dust, bacteria and mites. This warm, moist, dusty air can lead to the growth of mould, thus representing a health risk.

Infrared heaters, conversely, generate infrared heat rays, which are given off evenly and virtually without loss to people, objects and surfaces. This mild infrared heat resembles the warmth of the sun and thus creates a pleasant, comfortable room climate with optimum humidity – with low air circulation.

In comparison to simple air heating, infrared heat is more comforting and physiologically more natural. The humidity is always ideal and the walls are heated by infrared energy. It was medically proven many years ago that high flow rates in the room – caused by conventional heating systems – can have negative effects on blood pressure. The increase in the blood circulation by infrared heat improves the supply of oxygen and important nutrients to the body and can assist in stabilising the blood pressure. The infrared heat rays activate the body’s cells and blood circulation and can help in this way to considerably alleviate the symptoms of muscle tension, skin diseases and rheumatism.

Classic convection heaters compared with our infrared heater