More thermal power: infrared radiated power versus current consumption

How can the heating output “infrared radiated power” be greater than the supplied electric power?

Infrared heaters generate a gentle infrared radiation heat. Therefore we must refer to the released heat radiation as follows:

I R T U = Infrared thermal unit

The current consumption of a marble heater in watts plays only a minor role with regard to the heating output.

It is therefore misleading to state the heat emission in watts, as the heating output of infrared heaters does not compare with the current consumption.

An example:

Our marble heater with a size of 115 x 60 x 3 cm and a medium surface temperature of approx. 85 degrees has a current consumption of about 850 watts. It heats in the same time and with the same heat emission as the same area as a marble heater with a current consumption of approx. 1,200 watts.

The lower current consumption is of decisive importance.


Important for you: in the case of infrared heaters, it is the infrared radiation heat that counts when heating a room. When calculating the heating cost, the consumed current, namely the rated current is of course what counts. Here in particular is where Gossmann infrared heaters differ from other products.