Infrared heaters versus night storage heaters

The benefits at a glance

Be sure to include these advantages of the infrared heater in your planning and cost calculation before replacing your night storage heaters:

  • Up to 40% lower heating costs
  • Easy conversion
  • Substantial space saving
  • Upgrade of the property
  • Healthy heating climate
  • Housing associations have the electrical infrastructure

Night storage heater or infrared heater – a comparison

Many consumers do not know that an electric infrared heater has low heating and investment costs when installing new heating systems or renovating existing heating systems: verifiable 50% energy saving compared to night storage heaters. 25% saving on electricity costs is usually achieved.

  • The statement that electricity is too expensive for heating is no longer true today. Conventional night storage heaters are, however, real energy hogs, climate killers and space-consuming monsters.
  • Conversion from night storage heater to infrared heater is simple and straightforward. All connections and controllers can mostly be retained.
  • In addition, installation is considerably faster and entails much less ‘building site’ work and dirt. The heaters are suitable for single rooms, apartments or complete houses.