Test of the infrared heater All-rounder A10 in a standardised test procedure successful!

The Gossmann All-rounder type A10 has recently been surveyed by the TU Kaiserslautern in a standardised test procedure involving various parameters such as net radiated power, radiation efficiency, heating-up time and cooling-down time. The Gossmann Company GmbH had arranged for tests to be performed in order to have the properties of its infrared heaters evaluated by an independent body for the benefit of its customers.

The result is outstanding - for instance, the radiation efficiency is around 50 %, whereby 58 % represents the physical maximum (100 %). And the heating-up and cooling-down time was rated “good”, which is also exemplary. As far as the radiation efficiency is concerned, the Gossmann infrared heater All-rounder A10 can be listed in class 1, which is the best category.