Infrared heaters combined with photovoltaic

The benefits at a glance

Combine your infrared heater with an effective photovoltaic system now! All authorised Gossmann GmbH dealers are at your service with advice and will offer you inexpensive solutions, tariffs and current subsidy programmes for your energy and heating concept.

So you can save even more – constantly:

  • Increase of the proportion of own consumption
  • Better profitability
  • Reduction or total abandonment of fossil fuels
  • Both systems do not require maintenance

Photovoltaic benefits in Germany and Belgium

Have you ever thought of no longer heating parts of your home with fuel oil or gas, thus making yourself financially independent from fossil fuels?
NO? But exactly that is possible.

Situation Germany

Since 01.07.2010, it is possible to operate photovoltaic systems in Germany for "personal requirements". By installing electric marble radiators you can increase the proportion of own consumption, thus reaching a higher remuneration level. This has a positive effect on the overall return of the investment.

Situation Belgium

Why is an electric heater in combination with photovoltaic so interesting? You are currently producing too much electric energy or have room for expansion on your roof. It is then possible for you to “store” electrical energy in the summer months (your meter runs backwards) and to use it during the winter months.

Consultation photovoltaic

Do you have any queries about photovoltaic systems? We would be pleased to advise you: