Everything speaks in favour of infrared heaters

Infrared heaters utilise infrared heat rays to provide for efficient, even heat distribution and can be used in all areas quickly and uncomplicatedly. Whether constructing a new building or modernising an old building, renovating a single room or several rooms, electric infrared radiators – like the infrared heater – have the lowest investment and operating costs in comparison with every other heating system.

Savings in the construction of new
  • No fuel oil tank, no pipes, no heating plant room, no maintenance
  • Low procurement costs
  • Economical consumption
  • Installation is child’s play
Savings in renovation:
  • Conversion in 60 minutes per unit
  • Additional power cable not usually
  • Ideal for subsequent extensions and
Elegant design:
  • Suitable for all rooms
  • Space-saving, decorative, classy
  • Easy to care for (no rust, no painting,
    no dust)
  • A thermal calculation is carried out
    precisely for your property; we advise you individually
  • Heats maintenance-free and saves both
    installation and consumption costs
  • At last – an inexpensive and costsaving
    alternative: throw those night storage heaters out